Deadsculpt Bring Dark 54mm Sculpts to Kickstarter

January 2, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

Ater banner

Collectors and painters that fancy dark/horror style miniatures should take a look at the cool project up on Kickstarter from Deadsculpt Figures.

Deadsculpt's Kickstarter, ATER, is a stunning collection of resin, 54mm dark fantasy/horror figures. These sculpts look awesome and really come to life with paint! At the present there are 3 miniatures included in this project, with the prospect of a 4th, larger, figure if the project exceeds their goal.

The first is Inanis. Inanis is the lord of emptiness and master of the void.

Ater Inanis

Ater Inanis painted

Next is Ignava. Ignava is the mistress of betrayal, cowardice and viciousness.

Ater Ignava

And last is Pavor. Pavor is the keeper of fear, bringer of dread.

Ater Pavor

The potential 4th sculpt is only concept art at this time. Feast your eyes on Putor. Putor, the lord of rot and decay, filthy winged merciless demon. He is promised to be the largest of the group and if he follows suit with the others in this project, he will be one brilliantly creepy figure!

Ater Putor

Will you be painting some dark resin with this Kickstarter?

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