DGS Games Take Their Kuzaarik Exploring

September 17, 2014 by dracs

With the success of their Kuzaarik Kickstarter, DGS Games have been working on bringing these new dwarfish warriors to life for their November release, the latest of which to appear is their valiant Kuzaarik Explorer.

Kuzaarik Explorer

The detail on this sculpt is superb, right down to the fur edging of his arctic conditions clothing. I particularly like the equipment he can be carrying, including walking sticks, snow shoes, and of course a pick axe.

This explorer looks like an incredibly fun model to bring along as part of an adventuring party. It would take a lot to ruffle this character, shown calmly smoking his pipe while no doubt in the midst of a raging snow storm.

Did you chip into the Kuzaarik Kickstarter? Would you include this Explorer in your adventuring party?

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