Make Your Dice Roll More Dramatic With Dragon Scales!

October 14, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

Dragon Scales1

Your dice rolling just got cooler with the addition of this current Kickstarter, Polyhedral Dragon Scales Metal Designer Gaming Dice by Ulfsark Games!

Dragon Scales2

These awesome dice are metal precision CNC machined, laser engraved, themed designer gaming dice that measure 16mm and are made from solid metal. They will be available in aluminium with the option to be anodised in various colours.

dragon scales 3

At this point they are offered in Elven and Dwarven and they hope to offer more as stretch goals! How much cooler could your RPG or dungeon crawler get when you introduce these themed dice with your characters?!

Will you be rolling your way to victory with shiny new dice?

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