Two Disgusting Maggots Worm Their Way into Fenris Games

May 23, 2014 by dracs

We all love a the occasional gribbly monster and Fenris Games have just put out two minis for pre-order that should tickle our disgusting fancies; the Maggotspawn Bileworms.

Maggotspawn Bileworms

Known individually as Stinky and Slimey, these two models are covered in pestilent boils, grasping tentacle tongues and rows of teeth. In other words, the perfect pets for your Nurgle warlords.

The sculpts are pretty basic, but with a superb level of detail that characterises their thoroughly disgusting nature. I would love to see how these models look when painted up. Maybe we should get Romain to show us some tips on painting diseased flesh.

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