Divine Rage’s Grand Demon is Unleashed Upon the World

April 28, 2015 by dracs

The Divine Rage Grand Demon we have seen through various stages of its creation is now available from the MoM Miniatures webstore, free to wreak havoc across the fantasy tabletop.

Grand Demon

Grand Demon Scale

This thing is possibly the grandest demon lord model I have seen. It looms over everything else, framed by massive bat wings and with tons of small details all over it, from the corpses on its base to the skulls hanging from its armour. Seeing it painted up makes this model even more dramatic and I hope it will appear in some armies in the future.

Smite the Unrighteous

Don't worry though, this demon does not go unchallenged as the second Divine Rage Monk has also been released.

War Priest

War Priest Side

Wielding a rather battered looking hammer and the decapitated head of a beastman, this monk doesn't look the type to take Sunday service. It's a superb character model that would serve well as both part of a larger army or as a role playing character.

Which of these two fantasy models might feature on your tabletop?

"This thing is possibly the grandest demon lord model I have seen."

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