Do A Double Take, With Stones Dungeon Tiles.

December 4, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Stones Title

We as gamers are always looking for options for scenery for our games whether it is miniature tabletop or RPG (or both) games. As Warren says this is the "Golden Age of gaming" and he could not be more right than now with all of the options for terrain and scenery for your gaming table.

Stones Master Set

Well, now another company has thrown their hat into the ring with a Kickstarter for Stones Dungeon Tiles by Frontline Games. What makes this tile set different is that the tiles are 2"x 2" and are double sided, the first side has the typical stone flooring you would expect to find in a dungeon.

Two sided tiles

On the reverse side you will find more of an earthen floor, that one could find in a cavern or some other outdoor setting. The tiles are made of a polymer-plastic and the doors have magnets in them so you can have them opened or closed as need in game play. There are other options for added scenery for an Egyptian tomb or a crypt set.

Egyptian tomb



They have some really nice examples of uses for their tiles, I can think of several uses for them as I bet you could also. Oh, did I mention their mascot is a dwarf named Mr. Stones, who can be added as an add-on or free in the larger sets?

Mr Stones

What can you build with Stones Dungeon tiles?

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