A Dungeon for Your RPG with the Flip of a Card

August 26, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Being a DM was never so easy!

Dungeon Architect Cards by Simian Circle Games is available on Kickstarter right now and offers a really neat twist for a DM.

dungeon cards

This is a deck of cards with individual rooms on them to create a random dungeon with the turn of the cards. Each flip allows your dungeon to grow and change, and allows for a crazy amount of options, it's ridiculously unlikely that you would draw exactly the same combination of cards in games played in succession. They even have a list of different descriptors on them to help bring the room to life and paint the picture for the explorers. This also offers an opportunity for less experienced gamers to be the DM without bogging the game down.

dungeon cards1

dungeon cards2

These cards also offer the handy, portability factor since they fit in your pocket. You can truly be a DM on the fly.

dungeon cards3

Would you like to construct your dungeon using the luck of the draw?

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