More Dungeon Terrain With Twisting Catacombs Kickstarter

October 3, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Just in case you haven't seen enough dungeon terrain lately....oh who am I kidding? Is there such thing as too much dungeon terrain? I think not!

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Twisting Catacombs: Miniature Dungeon Scenery by Zealot Miniatures has all kinds of dungeon goodness for gamers! This project is more about the details you find within a dungeon- the doors, the stairs, the furniture, the shelves, the skulls, the treasure or the keys! There's walls, secret passages, traps, portals, barrels, boxes and oh so much more.

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This is another one of those systems that gives you all sort of goodies that you could incorporate into other games, which I think we all appreciate from the cost perspective. These are resin pieces with fantastic detail, sure to polish off an authentic dungeon.

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Will you be furnishing your dungeon with this Kickstarter?

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