An Elephantine WiP Enter’s Kaha’s Takes Shape for Oroko

October 19, 2014 by dracs

Kaha Miniatures have shown off a WiP for a new sculpt that is being worked on for their fantasy world Oroko. This time it's something you will never forget to pack in your trunk for gaming nights.


Mafuku here is one of the beast people Nakaema tribes, and is apparently the oldest of them, as well as the wisest and strongest. The sculptor Cyril Roquelaine has done a good job in conveying this sense of age, with the wrinkling of his skin being very prominent, even for an elephant.

Though this is a WiP, I can say that this promises to be a very cool looking fantasy miniature, though I would say the head looks rather out of proportion with the body, but then it is an elephant head.

How do you think Mafuku is shaping up?

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