An Empire Grows on Kickstarter

March 25, 2014 by dracs

Haste Games have headed to Kickstarter to help them gather the funds they need to raise up The Empire, a new force of Medieval Fantasy humans in 28mm scale with heroic proportions.

Empire Swordsman

The campaign aims to unlock nine modular, plastic regiments, providing you with the minis you need to start building a force of humans to fight back their tide of enemies.

Empire Heavy Knight

Here are the regiments that we can hopefully expect to see coming to defend humanity.

Empire Regiments

Haste Games plan to bring out rules for all of these on their website. However, these aren't all they have planned as some stretch goals are also hanging around the Kickstarter page.

Stretch Goals

From the look of the artwork and the miniatures that have already appeared I think that this Kickstarter is looking pretty promising. The design of the human Empire is suitably grim and gritty and would make for an excellent alternative force with which to build your armies of men.

Are you going to help this Empire to expand?

Thanks to @elvar for letting us know of  this.

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