Emvicreative Bring Greenskull Castle Goblins To Kickstarter Soon

November 10, 2020 by brennon

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Emvicreative is focusing on a Kickstarter soon which is going to be bringing a selection of Goblins to your tabletop! Greenskull Castle is going to feature some seriously awesome Fantasy sculpts, especially if you've been a fan of the styles seen in the past by Terrible Kids Stuff.

Greenskull Castle Painted - Emvicreative

Greenskull Castle Painted Miniatures // Emvicreative

The focus is going to be on creating an army of these excellent looking goblins for you to play with on the tabletop. There will be fifteen Goblins in total, each of them designed to be unique and fascinating to paint.

Greenskull Castle Goblins #1 - Emvicreative

Greenskull Castle Goblins // Emvicreative

Each of them has been digitally sculpted and then 3D printed at the highest quality to test before being cast in resin to capture all of the detail. They are also going to be mercifully easy to assemble which is always a bonus.

Greenskull Castle Goblins #2 - Emvicreative

Greenskull Castle Goblin Warriors // Emvicreative

As you can see the folks at Emvicreative have created some awesome looking sculpts which really showcase what you can do with Goblins if you put your mind to it! You've got classic looking Goblins, one who has clearly been inspired by a famous barbarian plus another who has embraced the life of a witcher it seems!

There are some fun things coming out from Emvicreative so watch this space for their Kickstarter!

Which of these has caught your eye so far?

"Which of these has caught your eye so far?"

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