Have a Smoke With Greebo’s Yosu Preparing for Print

August 31, 2014 by dracs

Greebo have finished preparing one of the last members of their rodent Hand of Death team, and now the sly and stylish Yosu is ready for printing.

Yosu Feature

Yosu, standing with pipe in hand and leaning on a cane, is a rather refined looking Asiatic rodent, although that sly grin adds just makes him look incredibly sinister.


The design of the model is well detailed, and that grin and the addition of his pipe just adds so much character to its design. Greebo have done a good job with the Hand of Death models they've come out with, so I'm looking forward to seeing Yosu appear alongside the rest of the range.

How do you feel about Greebo's Yosu?

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