Experience Evil Equestrians on the Evil Ponies Kickstarter

April 14, 2014 by dracs

At the prompting of DeadDave I have checked out a new Kickstarter bringing to the tabletop a horror hitherto unimaginable; Evil Ponies!

Evil Ponies

Slap Miniatures previously created a range of Pewter Ponies with the help of Kickstarter.


This latest Kickstarter introduces the Swarm, a bunch of ponies with an even more creepy design than the ones they have out already.

Swarm Princess

Swarm Warriors

Swarm Drones

Swarm Drones 2

The Swarm are not the only evil that has corrupted the cuddly image of ponies, as there are plenty of other designs that have appeared on the Kickstarter, ranging from skeletons to the ponies of the apocalypse.

Skeleton Ponies


Pony Necromancer

Ponies of the Apocalypse

These designs are, if nothing else, a lot of fun. It's hard to think of gaming uses for them, so I would expect they're something only a collector would be particularly interested in. Still it would be fun to see something built around these.

Fancy pledging to this four-legged Kickstarter?

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