Fantasy Flight Invite You To Their Last Banquet

September 15, 2014 by dracs

It's time to chow down on a new board game as Fantasy Flight Games release The Last Banquet.

The Last Banquet

The Last Banquet is a game of courtly intrigue for between six to twenty five players, making it perfectly suited for parties and large gaming groups in the vein of other favourites, such as Werewolf.

In The Last Banquet, you and your friends take on the roles of guests at an opulent royal feast. Using your character’s actions and words, you must work with other players to achieve your team’s goal, which may be to deliver a secret message, rescue the kidnapped princess, or seat your team’s assassin by the king’s side.

The Last Banquet Contents

Players can choose from a variety of scenarios, such as assassinating or protecting the king, or attempting to deliver clandestine messages, meaning the game won't get stale any time soon.

There are also an interesting number of character types to choose from, ranging from the usual courtesans such as Jesters and Wizards, to vengeful ghosts and, of course, the King himself, all of whom have their own unique abilities.

The Last Banquet King

The Last Banquet Ghost

The Last Banquet sounds like a fun addition to large gaming nights, providing enough backstabbing and intrigue to keep everyone entertained. It seems like a very simple game, though with a bit more complexity than other party games like Werewolves. It's one I would definitely like to give a try at some stage.

Do you think Fantasy Flight's latest game will be making an appearance at your next gaming night?

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