Fantasy Mini’s & Steampunk Airships Hit Kickstarter

September 13, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

Impact! Miniatures has a cool Kickstarter going for ZN Games Fantasy Miniatures and Steampunk Airships.

ZN image

The miniatures are provided unpainted, in Trollcast resin. They may require light clean up and some assembly and will come in two sizes- 28mm and 6mm scale. Most of the minis will come with plastic bases (with only a few exceptions listed on the link) and the airships will come with flight stands.

ZN creatureZN necroweilder.web

There is a really cool range of minis available in the Kickstarter at this point. There are options to put together your fantasy army with goblin or human of dwarf troops or even fill the sky with menacing steampunk airships.

Will you be choosing ground or air support in this Kickstarter?

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