Fenris’ Draugr Become Undead Equestrians

April 30, 2014 by dracs

Fenris Games has taken their shambling, undead Draugr and is in the process of giving them some undead mounts to help spread terror even further.

Draugr Cavalry

These new undead cavalry look pretty impressive. I particularly like the one wielding a scythe. I could easily see that mini becoming the basis for a miniature of Death, ready to reap the souls of the gaming table.

However, the mount itself is very stationary and a little dull. It isn't just that it isn't apparently moving, which if anything can help add a creepy element to the sculpt, but it also doesn't look that undead. But then these are just WIPs so maybe it will rot a bit before release.

What are your thoughts on Fenris' mounted Draugr?

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