Fenris Release Something Sinister Into Duck Marsh

March 21, 2014 by dracs

Duck Marsh may not be a place name to strike fear into the hearts of those who hear it, but it will soon be getting a lot more dangerous as Fenris' Draugr of Duck Marsh rise up for pre-order.

Draugr of Duck Marsh

Fenris' Draugr may not be the greatest undead sculpts I have come across, but I nonetheless rather like them for the variety and character each one of the models possesses. Plus I believe that their shambling poses have been very well executed, making these models a sinister prospect for any adventurer to face.

These mini will come as white metal sculpts and their box will also include some Viking runestones and Fenris' Darkmere Swamp bases, which have been designed with a recess to allow the use of water effects.

Darkmere Swamp Bases

Does Duck Marsh sound like an interesting place to visit?

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