Find Your Way Through a Haunted Mansion With Heroic Maps

October 19, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

Haunted Map1

In keeping with the spooky Halloween themes, your RPG can now find its way through a haunted mansion with a new map from Heroic Maps.

Haunted Map 2

The story line maps, Haunted Mansion, is a multiple level set, comprising 4 battlemaps. The main map features a large stone mansion, with dusty and cobwebbed furniture. If you head down the stairs you  will make your way to the cellar where a you may find items like a coffin or barrels. If you head upstairs, you will find bedrooms and perhaps mysterious blood stains in the moonlight. If you explore further, you will find another set of stairs leading up to the attic- and any good ghost story reveals strange and frightening things in the attic!

Haunted Map 3

Will your RPG be making its way into this Haunted Mansion?

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