Forge World Send Râza and Delgamar To Middle-Earth

April 5, 2019 by dracs

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Two new characters have been previewed by Forge World for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, a pair of villainous commanders for the Southron forces assaulting Gondor.

Fang of the Serpent

Joining the armies of the Serpent Lord, we find Suladân's own bodyguard Râza.

Râza serves as a deadly assassin and protects the leader of the Serpent Horde as his Sworn Protector. As a Hero of Fortitude, he is able to lead twelve followers in battle, providing you with another option when it comes to building a full army of these Southron warriors.

The model itself excellent, not too grandiose but with a subtle and expressive menace to it. Personally, I find this figure more intimidating than Suladân himself.

Gatemaster of Umbar

Not to be outdone, the Corsairs of Umbar also receive a right-hand man for their leader in the form of Delgamar.

As the Gatemaster of Umbar, Delgamar is second only to Fleetmaster Dalamyr. He inspires his fellow corsairs through bellowed commands, punctuated by the crack of his whip. Though woe to any of those who fail him.

Once again, I think we have a miniature where the second-in-command is now a better sculpt than their general.

However, it is an unfavourable comparison as both Suladân and Dalamyr are showing their age as sculpts.

I am particularly excited to see Delgamar as the Corsairs of Umbar are a force I have been considering collecting for a while, but have been put off by their lack of variety and character choice. I hope that this could mean we will see more for them in the future.

Delgamar and  Râza will both be available from Forge World next week and you can currently find their rules in the Gondor at War expansion book.

Which of these commanders would you trust your troops to?

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