Giants & Trolls Stomp Out Of Archon’s Dungeons & Lasers!

October 24, 2022 by brennon

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Archon Studio has fired up pre-orders for a bunch more terrain and miniatures for use in your roleplaying, skirmish and wargames. We start with some haunting figures that would be great for use in your horror games.

Ghosts Miniature Pack - Archon Studio

Ghosts Miniature Pack // Archon Studio

The first Ghost Miniature Pack set comes with miniatures for turning your tabletop games into haunting endeavours. The set comes with a Barghest, Tormented Soul, Woman Ghost, Wraith, "Tommy The Real Ghost", a Headless Horseman and then finally, a Magic Portal.

These would be great for a D&D adventure where you're exploring a haunted manor. The Magic Portal might be what is letting these ghouls into the real world and it's up to you to pacify the ghosts and make sure that that Magic Portal is closed.

Mighty Monster Miniatures

Archon has also released three massive miniatures starting with a Giant and a Troll. The first of the miniatures is Pepe The Giant!

Pepe The Giant - Archon Studio

Pepe The Giant // Archon Studio

If you're looking for a fun giant to throw into your games then Pepe might be the one. He comes with his friend Roblin The Goblin who helps him sneak into villages thanks to the use of an invisibility spell. He isn't actually out to cause chaos and such so maybe this could be a friendly roleplaying experience on the tabletop. A potential ally that you didn't know you needed?

If you're looking for another BIG miniature then how about Yahazzal, The Hungry Troll?

Yahazzal The Hungry Troll - Archon Studio

Yahazzal, The Hungry Troll // Archon Studio

Avoid the wrath of Yahazzal by making sure that you give him a cow every month. Apparently, if you give him two cows, he will watch over your farms and keep them safe from all sorts of dangerous individuals. Again, this could end up being a fun encounter in a roleplaying game where you think the Troll is out to harm the villagers but he's just doing his best mercenary work!

Last but not least when it comes to monsters, we have the flaming Phoenix.

Phoenix - Archon Studio

Phoenix // Archon Studio

A massive creature that would be a fun addition to a Fantasy army or two. I'm sure there are a lot of Kings Of War armies that would love to have a massive flaming fowl in their corner when the fighting starts. I reckon this would also be a joy to paint, especially if you like playing around with wet blending. I think the armour helps to break up the miniature a little bit too and focuses the attention on the mean beak!

Dungeons & Lasers Terrain

Finally, we have some new terrain for you to add to your dungeon delves. It might not be massively fancy but you'll certainly need some Stairs at some point I reckon!

Stairs Pack - Archon Studio

Stairs Pack // Archon Studio

There's not much to say about this one but there are two sets of Stone and Wooden Stairs here allowing you to add some height to your tabletop terrain. Stairs are also a great place for a heroic sword fight. That's what it seems like in the movies at least!

Will you be picking up some of these new releases from Archon Studio for use in your tabletop games?

"Avoid the wrath of Yahazzal by making sure that you give him a cow every month..."

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