New Gnomish Legions Added to Alternative Armies’- DH2

July 10, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Alternative Armies logo

If you ever got the feeling that gnomes were missing from your tabletop, then look no further. Alternative Armies has launched 2 new sets of miniatures to capture that very missing element. The now have the DH2 Gnomish Legion- Gnomes and the DH2 Gnomish Legion- Halflings.

Gnomish Legion- Halflings

The mini's are part of their 25mm/28mm fantasy line and have a really cool assortment of characters to add to your game. The minis come unpainted and without bases, so you can customize to your gnomish heart's content!

Gnomish Legion- Gnomes

Fancy adding these Gnomish Legions to your tabletop?

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