More Goblin Pirates Appear on Kromlech’s Treasure Map

January 16, 2015 by dracs

Kromlech have put out some more previews of their upcoming crew of Goblin buccaneers, most notable of which has to be this close up of a Goblin captain and his... pet?

Goblin Pirate Captain

This model certainly has enough character to lead a piratical crew of gobbos, although he is lacking a parrot, which I always considered necessary to be any kind of pirate. Instead he has a strange squig-like dog thing, which defies description yet begs for some fun rules of its own.

A couple of the other greenskin pirates recently turned up on one of Kromlech's virtual gift vouchers.

Goblin Pirate Crew

This crew of goblins look to me like they'd be a lot of fun to include in games like Cutlass or Freebooters Fate. It will cool to see what other piratical goings on Kromlech have been working on for them once they get released.

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