Got Goblins? Dark Hold Goblin Adventurers Miniatures Do

July 2, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Dark Hold Goblins

Rebel Minis launched their 28mm Dark Hold Goblin Adventurers Miniatures on Kickstarter! If you love goblins, then these are the minis for you! Dark Hold has set a goal to capture 18 different goblin characters, personalities and classes in their miniatures for your RPG and tabletop games.

Goblin Adventurers II

The launch is offering 5 different packages as different pledge levels and each package includes specialized types of goblins so you can customize your goblin experience! There are the Goblin Adventurers packs I & II, The Goblin Villagers, The Goblin Militia and the Goblin Knight Jousters. Of course they offer you an "I want it all package," for the gamers that just can't decide or won't feel complete without every type of goblin.

Goblin Jousters

I want it all goblins

As with any good Kickstarter, they have a variety of cool stretch goals and add ons to complete anyone's dungeon crawl.

Painted goblin

Will you be adding these fellows to your tabletops or RPG's?

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