Hare Off After Ax Faction’s Released Druid’s Daughter

March 12, 2014 by dracs

When you are pestered by Gnolls, filthy, hyena-like creatures wanting nothing more than to kill you, there is only one thing to do. Hunt them down while riding a giant hare! At least that's what Ax Faction's Druid's Daughter does.

Druid's Daughter Gnoll Hunter

Ax Faction's long awaited bunny riding battle maiden is now available from their webstore.

This model made quite the favourable impression when it first appeared, with its imaginative design conveyed in a very nicely detailed sculpt.

Druid's Daughter

Druid's Daughter

The model is 32mm scale and comes in at 65mm in length. When it first appeared, Ben made the excellent point that this could serve well as a tiny person on a regular hare, or a regular human on a giant hare.

Personally, I love the idea of her being a tiny, fairy-like being riding a hare. It opens up all sorts of possibilities for a game set around the conflicts of the little people, mixing the Victorian portrayal of fairies with their original, more menacing natures. This game needs to be made!

Would you use the Druid's Daughter in your games, or do you think she would be better suited as a display piece?

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