Hasslefree Put Some Clothes on Their Barbaric Zetta

October 5, 2014 by dracs

Hasslefree Miniatures have another new resin master out bringing us a clothed alternative sculpt of their barbarian warrior woman Zetta, Kahtun of the Silver Horde.


This is an alternate sculpt of the previously existing resin master Barbaric Zetta, which featured this warrior woman clad in the traditional battle garb of her people. That is to say, not very much.

Barbaric Zetta

However, Barbaric Zetta is a resin only sculpt, while her new clothed depiction will also be available as a white metal mini.

Of the two I would say I liked the clothed version better. The naked version does make for a good barbaric hero, but I think the clothed one is the better sculpt due to the detail of folds in her clothing and I think she would be an excellent figure for a female adventurer.

Which of these two versions would you choose to include in your party?

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