Hasslefree’s Latest WIP Descends into Utter Chaos

February 20, 2014 by dracs

Hasslefree Miniatures have revealed the progress they are making on their next fantasy figure, a true master of evil and anarchy that can only be a Chaos Lord.

Chaos Lord

Even in this WIP we can see that Hasslefree have succeeded in creating a really menacing figure to lead the dark forces. Sure he is using the tired old stance of one foot on a rock, but there is a reason why it gets used a lot and that is because it looks awesome.

Although I do think that in some of the angles shown here it looks like his torso is twisted unnaturally, but I think that's more due to camera angles.

Chaos Lord WIP 1

As we can see when comparing it to this earlier WIP image, Hasslefree have made some great progress with the detailing. Adding the Chaos star to the cape is a particularly nice touch and it should look really dramatic when fully painted up.

Tell us your opinion of this Chaos Lord. Are you put off by an unimaginative stance? Or do you think it just looks bad ass?

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