Join The Hedonistic Hunt In Venice With The Patricians

April 4, 2019 by cassn

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Venice has long been a republic, but the system of rules isn’t necessarily fair.

Venice is a town of laws, however, those laws are often influenced by the highest bidder. Rule of Venice is decided by Doge, and in 1795, that Doge is Ludovico Manin, a fair a just man. However, that could all change, as the noble houses of Patricians make men rise and fall with their Grand Council votes.


yet, despite their noble titles, the Patricians of Venice actually struggle with maintaining their exuberant lifestyles. Their lavish parties and decadent living are funded through whatever means possible.

On July 17th, 1793 when one party took a violent turn, the nobles spilled out onto the street, cutting down passers-by. These blood-lust revelries quickly became the height of fashion, and the parties - known as Masqueratas - became the party to attend.


Among these Masqueratas are famed fighters, Syphilitic Nobles driven mad with disease, and Adventuring Nobles who have traveled to the edges of the world to return with strange talismans and artifacts. Even the Help become involved in the Masqueratas, forced to obey their nobles wishes or meet a similar fate to the victims they attack.

The Patrician's Hunting Party will be released on Friday, and these horrifying hedonists are sure to cause chaos on the tabletop!

Will you be hosting a tabletop Masquerata in your next game? Tell us what you think below!

"These horrifying hedonists are sure to cause chaos on the tabletop!"

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