The Hobgoblinz of Russian Alternative Show Their Ugly Faces

July 6, 2014 by dracs

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Russian Alternative will soon be releasing a new unit of fantasy Hobgoblinz to take to the battlefield, but even these gobbos need leadership so we get a preview of the unit's command minis.

Hobgoblin Champion

Hobgoblin Champion Back

Hobgoblin Musician

Hobgoblin Musician Back

Hobgoblin Standard Bearer

Hobgoblin Standard Bearer Back

These Hobgoblinz keep with The Russian Alternative's previous retro-Games Workshop inspired style, with a suitable update in design. The goblins themselves stand out from their fellow greenskins mostly due to their clothing style, which also ties them in with The Russian Alternative's evil dwarfs.

Will these Hobgoblinz be marching under your banner?

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