Go Hopping Mad Over Center Stage’s Frog God

June 4, 2014 by dracs

Center Stage Miniatures have just released a massive new mini fit for even a god. Specifically, a Frog God.


Tsathogga Side

Standing at approximately 6" tall and 9" in length, the mighty amphibian deity known as Tsathogga will tower over pretty much everything else on the table.

Tsathogga Side 2

Tsathogga Back

As a Lizardman player, my first thought was of course how could I work this into my army? Perhaps it is some great monster of the jungle, bound to will of the Slann. However, with all those gaping wounds I think it would serve better as an alternative Greater Demon of Nurgle. It's certainly eye-catching, and will be an interesting narrative piece whatever it might be used as.

Will you bow before Center Stage's Frog God?

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