Fight Mighty Clashes With James Morris’ Midgard Heroic Battles

May 2, 2023 by brennon

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There was a fun game that I spied when we were at Salute a couple of weekends ago. James Morris (mogsymakes) has been working away on a new set of Fantasy/Historical wargaming rules called Midgard Heroic Battles that seems like it could be great fun to dive into at a range of scales.

Midgard - James Morris

Midgard Heroic Battles // James Morris

Midgard Heroic Battles is a game focused on big confrontations between heroic individuals and their warbands. There is a focus on mighty deeds and big, narrative encounters on the tabletop where the heroes can swing the course of the battle. They also wanted to keep strategy and tactics key to your endeavours on the tabletop whilst keeping bookkeeping and hefty mechanics out of the way so you can enjoy the action.

Midgard Gameplay - Salute 50

Midgard Gameplay // Salute 2023

The games that had been set up at Salute 2023 focused on two different scales and across two different genres. On the wintery board, you had a clash between Viking Gods and Frost Giants as Thor, Freya and the like battled at the foot of a rainbow bridge.

28mm Midgard Gameplay - Salute 50

28mm Midgard Gameplay // Salute 2023

This shows a conflict around the 28mm scale but you could also play the game at a smaller scale if you prefer. On the other side of a rocky mountain, a Historical game was being played out in 15mm with a Dark Age theme. Because of the nature of the rules, as long as the frontage of different units is matched up, everything should be pretty streamlined from one scale to the next. It makes the game useful for those that have a lot of different armies lying around, particularly from games like SAGA and such.

15mm Midgard Gameplay - Salute 50

15mm Midgard Gameplay // Salute 2023

Midgard could be used to "level up" your experiences as it were and take you from skirmishes to full-on mass battles once you sort out the basing for your miniatures. So far, the game has been playtested across a variety of different Ancient and Dark Age battlefields and with a myriad of Fantasy additions. I've seen shots of them using this for big clashes between Ancient Greeks and terrifying monsters through to Middle-earth battles set during the First Age.

Midgard looks to be a game well worth diving into and it should soon be released thanks to Reisswitz Press and Too Fat Lardies. Keep an eye out for it and let me know what you think!

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"So far, the game has been playtested across a variety of different Ancient and Dark Age battlefields and with a myriad of Fantasy additions..."

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