Join the Growing Crowd in the Otherworld Miniatures Tavern

June 25, 2014 by dracs

Otherworld Miniatures have shown off three new figures who are joining their NPC range, another trio of those folks you might run into in any decent tavern.

Tavern Folk

These new Cellar Man, Lady of the Night, and Bouncer each add a bit more life and character to the fantasy environment of a crowded tavern that your adventurers might inexplicably find themselves in.

Though I am sure you all role play as sober, clean living and entirely sane heroes of virtue, there are nonetheless plenty of other obstacles, aside from alcohol, that you will have to overcome in such a setting. These NPCs help to add more gameplay elements to take into consideration, as well as making the tavern more than just an empty terrain piece.

Do you ever use NPCs like these mini in your games?

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