Kabuki Bring Out the Fairest of Them All for Their Next Pin-Up

September 26, 2014 by dracs

Following in their Big Sister range of fairy tale themed pin-up minis, Kabuki are preparing to bring out the fairest of them all, none other than Snow White.

Snow White Pin Up

Hmm, she doesn't look much like the Disney princess I'm familiar with. Snow White follows up on their recent Evil Queen sculpt in contest for the title of fairest of them all.

Now, I would say the sculpt itself looks to be of a superb quality, even if it does have a rather creepy bunny rabbit. However, I do wonder what is up with her face?

Snow White Face

Just what has she been taking with her apple?

What do you think of Kabuki's take on Snow White? Do you think it could prove an interesting painting project?

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