Kaha Check Out a Cheetah With New Oroko Concepts

November 23, 2014 by dracs

Kaha Miniatures have just published three new concept sketches for some upcoming miniatures in their fantasy world of Oroko.

Oroko Concepts

These first two show off an interesting pair of barbaric warriors. I particularly like the man on the left who looks so much like the stereotypical barbaric hero it's almost comical.

However, pride of place has to go to the latest member of the bestial Nakaema Tribe.


From the shape of her face to the style of her hair, Kaha have come out with a rather cute hero for the usually quite vicious looking Nakaema. However, I doubt it would be wise to underestimate her as no doubt her cheetah nature will make her particularly speedy on the gaming table.

Which of these concepts do you like the most?

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