Lucid Eye Release Trish Carden’s Pitch The Dragon

October 17, 2018 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has now released their new Dragon designed in conjunction with Trish Carden. You can snag the miniature without a rider...

Pitch The Dragon Site Image

...and also with a rider, Rookie The Elf. The first thirty people who snap up these Dragon miniatures will also get the miniature pack signed by Trish!

Pitch The Dragon With Rookie The Elf - Lucid Eye

These miniatures are looking fantastic. It's been great to see the range come to life and this is the crowning glory of this particular collection I think.

It will be great seeing how people drop these miniatures into their own games using a myriad array of rules.

What games are you using these models in?

"What games are you using these models in?"

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