There’s Some Magical Goings On With Heresy’s Latest Goblin

June 16, 2014 by dracs

Heresy Miniatures have just added a Goblin Shaman to their webstore that was originally sculpted for Goblin Aid by Heresy's Andy Foster.

Goblin Shaman

This cheeky little chap is full to bursting with the tribal power of his kind. The furs, and of course the skull, mark him out as belonging to a particularly savage group of gobbos, but no less dangerous for his lack of refinement.

Goblin Shaman Side

This Goblin Shaman is a nice alternative model to include in a greenskin army. The pose might not be as dynamic as many other ones, where the shaman is capering around like a mad thing, but nonetheless it strikes an imposing, if somewhat diminutive, figure.

Is this Goblin Shaman going to guide your greenskins?

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