Man & Beast Meld In 28mm Kickstarter – Going Native: New World Monsters

February 7, 2015 by stvitusdancern

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going native ks

What could be better than traditional characters for your tabletop games/dungeon crawls or RPGS? Heros? Monsters? Then you are going to love this project. Going Native: New World Monsters by Paymaster Games is offering a really cool line of 28mm miniatures through this Kickstarter project. In this line you can find some great heros and some beautiful monster sculpts. My favorites are the Mallku Condor and the Uktena/Horned Serpent.



The more you look at this line, the more interesting it becomes. The stretch goals are full of really cool sketches for a great variety of human/beast fusions. They would make quite the impression in any variety of game.



What game would you use these creative fusion miniatures for?

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