Map the Black Sailors Kickstarter With Unlocked Cartographer

December 8, 2014 by dracs

The Black Sailors Kickstarter, a campaign seeking funds to help send a crew of orcy pirates onto the high seas, has about a week left to run and is still hitting stretch goals. The latest one gave us rather an unusual orc, the cartographer Tamaruk.


Tamaruk Left

Tamaruk Right

Tamaruk Back

Described as "the only orc smart enough to read a map," Tamaruk certainly stands out from among your usual greenskin rabble. For one he's wielding an over-sized quill rather than an over-sized cutlass. Yet, despite his bookish appearance, he still has a very grizzled look to him, achieved by the patched detail of his clothing and the scars and wrinkles of his skin. This is a book basher who bashes back!

According to the Kickstarter page, more awesome stretch goals will soon be appearing over the next couple of days, including two new miniatures. In the meantime though, we get this awesome piece of artwork.

Pirate Goblin

A goblin with a bunch of grenades and a flaming torch. Nope, can't see anything going wrong here.

Have you backed this Kickstarter? Does this grizzled, greenskin map-maker tempt you?

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