Marrow Production Offers Glimpse At WIP For Journey

January 13, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

For those of us anxiously awaiting delivery of Marrow Production's Kickstarter, Journey: Wrath of Demons, you are already aware of some set backs. Me, being me, and always looking for the upside, good things come to those who wait.

JWD terrain4

In making every effort that the quality of the minis remains what we have found so appealing, they have made some printing switches, which puts ETA on the shipping out to March at the earliest. Yes, that's a bummer, but I like the extras they are throwing in to sweeten the deal. They are now producing some terrain pieces that will be included in the Kickstarter shipments. Rocks, doors, paths, wells, incentive markers, etc. Those types of pieces are always good for repurposing in your other games!

JWD terrain2

They are also working on additional miniatures, and have given a sneak peek at a WIP from Ray Wong with Zing Yau. Zing is another evil spirit for the mystical Journey experience. It will be interesting to see his face as the piece progresses. It definitely looks like he can throw some weight around! One has to wonder if he will have a face that only a mother can love?

Journey Zing Yau

Are you looking forward to getting a copy of Journey?

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