Meet KooRogg, the Big Boss Bull Demon King for Journey

July 22, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Our friends at Marrow Productions are at it again and here's a look at another spectacular mini by Ray Wong. Allow me to introduce, KooRogg, the big boss Bull Demon King. Marrow feels this is the most detailed and imposing mini of the base game, Journey: Wrath of Demons, and I would have to agree! He is the last of the base miniatures to be sculpted and could not have captured more power and menace! He means business!

KooRogg closeup

For the sake of scale, KooRogg stands just over 3 inches tall, leaving Kei Lun, that we have looked at previously,  the only mini larger. Check out the Marrow Production Facebook page for a really cool little video highlighting the progress of the sculpt to from start to finish!

Boss Demon King 360

Here's the backstory for his character per Marrow's Kickstarter update:

The Bull Demon King is a brutal warrior. As the first of the Demons to breach the Seal and invade Terra, his strength and bravery have cemented his position as Lord of the Bull Demon Clan. From their cavernous lair under the Fiery Mountain, he and his family rule with an iron fist. Protected from the intrusion of mortals, he can launch attacks across Terra using the mystic gates, laying claim to an ever increasing territory.

Part of his arrogance comes from an arcane secret. He has a fragment of the sacred Sutras and knows that he is safe from being banished to the Underworld. All the time the fragment is in his possession, Tripitaka cannot recite the Sealing Ritual. Using his mystic gates, he sends waves of Bull Demon Minions to kill Tripitaka, before the Holy Monk has a chance to fulfill his destiny. Here’s the Bull Demon King’s Profile Sheet, showing his stats. Tougher than Iron Fan even, our band of Pilgrims will need to upgrade weapons and hone their skills before they can face Koorogg in the open, let alone in his lair!

Koorogg card

I cannot say enough about the amazing quality of these minis! Each is better than the one before (if that's even possible). The best news in their update is that they are on target to ship their first batch in October. Is it fall yet?

Will you be picking a fight with this big boss?

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