More Metal Beards Rampage from Titan Forge

March 16, 2014 by dracs

Titan Forge is hard at work realising the miniatures from their Metal Beards Kickstarter, the latest unit to appear being the chainsaw wielding steam-powered constructs named the Rampagers.


If being attacked by axe wielding dwarf robots wasn't bad enough, these ones has chainsaws for hands as well.


These Rampagers are an interesting variation upon the other Metal Beard dwarfs Titan Forge have created. The combination of axes and chainsaws makes this a unit of melee monsters, although they appear to be rather slow and static.

Leading these Rampagers and bearing the colours for the Metal Beard army is the new standard bearer Molgruk.

Standard Bearer Molgruk

Standard Bearer Molgruk Back

This engineer style character is the perfect dwarf to be the standard bearer of such a steam powered force. He also makes a change from the foot-on-rock pose; he's got his foot on gears!

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