Metal King Reveal Wild Warriors & Crazy Dwarves For RelicBlade

November 8, 2018 by brennon

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Damn it Metal King Studio! They have only gone and created a new warband which has caught my eye for RelicBlade. Their upcoming Kickstarter campaign is going to be looking to drop a whole range of different characters into the mix and they've been teasing some of the factions already.

RelicBlade Lostwood Enclave - Metal King Studio

Leading the way we have the Lostwood Enclave. As I've previously mentioned today I am a big advocate of wild Elves and so this box might just tip me over the edge into getting stuck into this game. I thought the artwork was cool but then I saw some of the work they've been doing on the miniatures with this Wild Elf Pathfinder.

Wild Elf Pathfinder - RelicBlade

I love the motion worked into this miniature. I talk about it a lot but I always think it's key to have miniatures for skirmish games especially 'doing' something. It means that the game feels a lot more dynamic and action-packed when you have only a handful of models on the tabletop

Being Elves, it's also good to see them doing dextrous things!

Moving on from her we also got to see how that rather awesome Treeman came together in this digital render too.

Arboleth Sentinel - Metal King Studio

The Arboleth Sentinel is looking stunning and I want a whole bunch of them now. You could imagine him creaking and groaning to life before getting stuck in with those crushing mitts, tossing those who would dare enter his woodland around like rag dolls.

Quirky Dwarves

Scratching that Dwarven itch we also have The Moldorf Expedition heading out onto the trail for RelicBlade too.

The Moldof Expedition - Metal King Studio

We've only seen artwork so far for these fellows but it's great to see some alternative ideas for Dwarves that don't just have them clad in heavy armour. A backstabbing rogue and a crazy wizard look like they're going to be a lot of fun!

There are plenty of options for those wanting to get into RelicBlade nowadays AND the game is available in Europe thanks to InfamousJT!

Will you be getting in on their next Kickstarter?

"A backstabbing rogue and a crazy wizard look like they're going to be a lot of fun!"

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