MOBA Inspired 54mm Scale Heroes Deliver Judgement On Kickstarter

January 26, 2017 by brennon

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The team at Gunmeister Games has put together a campaign on Kickstarter to bring Judgement to life. See what you make of their 54mm heroes and the game they're battling out on the tabletop.


The game draws on plenty of MOBA mechanics as you pick your team of Heroes to head into the Arena and battle it out. You can see how a 3V3 game plays out in the video above if you want a better understanding of the mechanics.

Bastian Oriel

The first thing you might find interesting is that there is a Pick & Ban rule in play where players can lay down which heroes they don't want to see, meaning you need to try your hardest to understand the tactics of all of the heroes if you want to put together effective teams on the battlefield.


Fought out in a large arena you will be embracing some quick and deadly gameplay which is all about getting into position to deliver devastating blows. You will also be able to farm creeps (NPC models) in order to pump up your characters.


This leads you to be able to level up your character as you're playing the game and unlock items and equipment to power them up. It's really taking a lot of the MOBA aspects that people enjoy and trying to translate them to the tabletop.

The Rulebook is also available for download HERE if you fancy diving into that. Of course, we couldn't ignore the mass of interesting characters, though!

54mm Heroes

54mm scale is an interesting choice here but in their mind, they've done this to get the most detail they can out of their heroes. For this style of game, I can see why it works too since you only really have to paint up a small handful of miniatures.


The characters are drawn from a number of different races including Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Minotaurs and Orcs and each of the different races operates within the bounds of a number of archetypes.


These different archetypes are Supporter, Defender, Aggressor, Soulgazer. You will need to master the synergies of each class to bring them together into an effective fighting force.

Sir Marcus

I really like the art design and the sculpts we have seen are turning into wonderful miniatures that would be a joy to paint. Of course I liked the look of Thrommel Ironbeard below as he's a mighty Dwarf!

Thrommel Ironbeard

There should be something for everyone however so if you don't like one race you should be able to dive into another.

Zaron Bodgan

Now you've had a look at the different heroes and their abilities make sure to dive in and give this campaign a closer look. 54mm might just be alright!

What do you think?

"It's really taking a lot of the MOBA aspects that people enjoy and trying to translate them to the tabletop..."

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