Dive Into A Moonstone Campaign With Fate Of Eric Soon!

July 12, 2022 by brennon

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If you're a big fan of the world of Moonstone and its 32mm miniatures then you might want to take part in a brand new community event and campaign! The Fate Of Eric will follow everyone's favourite, plucky Squire!

Fate Of Eric - Moonstone

Download The Fate Of Eric PDF // Moonstone

Here's some of the background on this particular event...

"Eric is more than a mere squire. Queen Diana has sensed it. Priestess Gwendoline has seen it. Baron von Fancyhat has always known it. Eric has power in his blood that lays dormant, waiting for ancient and powerful magics to awaken his potential.

But what does that mean? And how can Eric help Tauber during one of its darkest ever times? All the factions know is that he must be recruited at all costs, so that he will fight holding their banner!

Will Eric grow to become the Commonwealth hero of his dreams? Will he see Leshavit's green light and become a true convert to the Leshavult cause? Or, will the Dominion make him an offer he can’t refuse?"

So, the big focus of this campaign revolves around Eric The Squire who is soon going to be getting themselves a brand new miniature. He will become a mounted knight and find himself a powerful steed but we don't yet know which faction Eric is going to fight for!

Eric The Squire #1 - Moonstone

Eric The Squire // Moonstone

Taking place over the course of two months, players are going to have the chance to shape the future of Moonstone. The faction that manages to rack up the most wins will have managed to sway Eric to their cause and be able to use him in future adventures on the tabletop.

Reporting Your Games

When it comes to diving in and taking part, you just need to post up your photos of your Moonstone games and the winners over on Instagram, Facebook or Discord (or just email!) using the hashtag #FateOfEric.

Fate Of Eric How It Works - Moonstone

Fate Of Eric - How It Works // Moonstone

You could even go the extra mile and start doing some write-ups and more for your Moonstone games. Whilst this isn't required, Moonstone is such a narrative game that it would be a shame not to do a bit of storytelling, right?

Getting Involved & Telling Stories

One of the good things about the campaign is that as well as just playing your games, you can also use a set of special "Eric The Unsure" cards that are present in the PDF. This means that you can dive in and tell the tale of Eric!

As a bonus, there is also the chance to explore Campaign Play using the Campaign Deck from the folks at Goblin King Games. Currently, you can head on over to their webstore and snap this up with a £5 discount using the code FATEOFERIC at checkout.

The event is going to be running from the 25th July through till 5th September and there will be weekly updates and changes where the story develops and you get to tinker with Eric's story.

Are you going to be checking out this Moonstone event?

"The event is going to be running from the 25th July through till 5th September..."

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