Moonstone Returns To Kickstarter With New Faction, The Leshavult

February 19, 2019 by brennon

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Moonstone, a wonderfully whimsical looking Fantasy game, is coming back to Kickstarter soon with a new faction called The Leshavult.

The End Is Nigh Launch - Moonstone

This new set of characters for the game come from across the spectrum with Human, Giant, Gnome, Fawn, Faerie and Animal miniatures included in the mix. All of the characters are followers of the God of Natural Order, Growth and Entropy.

Here are a few pieces of very nice looking concept art showing off these kooky characters! For example, here is Boris The Bunny Summoner!

The Bunny Summoner - Moonstone.jpeg

This chap does exactly what you'd imagine...he summons deadly rabbits to do his bidding. I absolutely love this miniature and everything it stands for. There is, as mentioned before, a great sense of whimsy and fairy tale charm around this game and it helps that the sculpts end up looking good too.

Murd Hares - Moonstone

The campaign itself will focus on eleven new characters for this faction. There will be three brand new Troupe Boxes each made up of three miniatures and also two Monster Boxes. You'll also find terrain packs thrown into the mix from the awesome TTCombat and chances to pick up miniatures from previous releases too.

Moonstone is one of those games to keep a close eye on. I mean, who wouldn't want Murd-Hares!?

Let us know if you'll be backing this below...

"I mean, who wouldn't want Murd-Hares!?"

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