Doom Bunnies! New Moonstone Expansion On Kickstarter

April 1, 2019 by brennon

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Things are getting all the weirder in the world of Moonstone by Goblin King Games as they have taken to Kickstarter to bring the Leshavult Expansion to life.

Moonstone Leshavult Expansion - Goblin King Games

This whimsical and incredibly engaging Fantasy skirmish game introduces new characters into the mix like the character above, Boris The Bunny Summoner. I mean, who wouldn't want to summon bunnies to do their bidding?

Boris The Bunny Summoner - Goblin King Games

In addition to that, the campaign also looks to bring a new Troupe Box to the tabletop for those that want to explore the wilder side of Moonstone. You will also be able to pick up The Wild Things.

The Wild Things Are - Goblin King Games

Included within this set you'll find a Chub, Gloom and Jackalope for you to start introducing into your games. This gives you a flavour of the game too, only needing a handful of miniatures in order to dive right in.

Stretch Goals

As well as the above troupe and character the team have also been working towards some stretch goals as well. The first of these has already been unlocked, The End Is Nigh!

The End Is Night - Goblin King Games

So, as you can see the team are working towards introducing lots more characters into the mix. Some of them look incredibly serious like Kalista, Leshavult Priestess but then you have the very kookie Brother Daniel for example.

One of my favourite sets that popped up which I hope gets unlocked is this one.

New Troupe Box - Goblin King Games

How utterly awesome does that Beast look!? I am constantly blown over by the inventive team behind Moonstone and I really hope we get to see more of it on the tabletop soon.

Limited Edition Miniatures

As well as the stretch goals the team also produced a limited edition miniature for those backers of the Kickstarter campaign. Check out Drunk Fitz!

Drunk Fitz - Goblin King Games

He might just look like a fun miniature to paint up but he actually has rules in the game, specifically the Go Home Your Drunk scenario from the rulebook. You will also be able to pick up an alternate sculpt for Gwendoline, Leshavult Priestess as well which can be seen over on their Kickstarter page.

Fancy Terrain!

A game of whimsical as Moonstone needs whimsical terrain and so they have teamed up with TTCombat for a collection of buildings to use in your games.

Moonstone Leshavult Expansion Terrain - Goblin King Games

I mean, look at the detail here! I love that there is a dedicated terrain range for Moonstone making sure that all of your terrain fits into the same universe as the characters. This house isn't all of it either...

Moonstone Leshavult Expansion Terrain Preview - Goblin King Games

So, if you weren't won over by Moonstone before has this new Kickstarter changed your mind?

Make sure to let us know in the comments below...

"So, if you weren't won over by Moonstone before has this new Kickstarter changed your mind?"

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