The Arrival Of The Arising Bring More Moonstone Miniatures!

March 16, 2022 by fcostin

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Lay down your stone circles, mushrooms and fairy glades onto the tabletop - as Goblin King Games have added four new products onto their store for Moonstone. With a host of new content to dive into with the new Arising Expansion, a campaign-driven card deck, and some new wonderfully whimsical minis.

The Arising Expansion Book - Moonstone

The Arising Expansion Book // Moonstone

If you missed your chance to get hold of The Arising Expansion Book and the Campaign Deck on the Kickstarter last year - you are in luck, as they have been added fresh to the Goblin King Games store.

The new Arising Expansion Book brings one hundred and seventy-six pages of content to widen your world of Moonstone. Whether that be dipping into 9 new story scenarios, rules for linking up campaigns, expansive details on the rules, fifty-five new character profiles to reference, and a buck ton of dark and twisted lore and storyline across one hundred pages. In paperback format, the book is choc-a-bloc of additional Moonstone content to supplement your gameplay sprinkling some extra fairy dust onto your tabletop by extending the world further.

Campaign Deck - Moonstone

Campaign Deck // Moonstone

The Campaign Deck has also been added to the store, which has been designed to support campaign play within Moonstone. This is all that is needed from each player when entering campaign mode. Along with seventy Campaign cards in the pack, the deck will also feature thirty-six upgrade cards that will tweak the abilities of characters and add in some unpredictable twists. Plus, have I mentioned the stunning artwork? Although the Campaign Deck is made primarily for a linked series of games, players can flex these cards outside of the story mode; bringing a wider variety of crazy and whimsical gaming.

The Duchess and The Creep - The Arising Expansion Book

The Duchess and The Creep // The Arising Expansion Book

Inside The Arising Expansion Book, as the content expands adding fifty-plus characters into the mix, we see an introduction to new miniatures making way to the table for sale now too, bringing more devious and deceptive humans into the fray. With two new Troupe Boxes cast in fine quality resin.

The Masquerade - Moonstone

The Masquerade // Moonstone

First up to enter the arena is The Masquerade Troupe Box, which contains The Duchess, Creep and Claudia Duvel. Do not let their visible upper-class aesthetics and grand gestures fool you - these masked social climbers thirst for power and domination.

The Duchess - The Masquerade

The Duchess // The Masquerade

The Duchess is looking to get creative in her murderings enjoying living life on the edge and in the focus of attention. A poison deems too boring for the duchess, she seeks death in a more extravagant manner.

Creep - The Masquerade

Creep // The Masquerade

Unlike The Duchess, Creep prefers a sneaky life in the shadows. Loyal to The Dutchess, and a complete corrupted and skewed sense of right and wrong, this is a human who plans his attacks through intimidating tactics and strange draw towards the weird and sinister.

Claudia Duvel // The Masquerade

Final Claudia Dyvel hides her face behind a career as sticky-fingered, light-footed robbery - but with a method that you would not expect from a gun-wielding lass. With a polite delivery, she takes to the highway one carriage at a time to take down the rich in a flurry of coach robberies. However, these robberies are quite... pleasant.

Black Powder - Moonstone

Black Powder // Moonstone

The second load of Humans to head to the store, come contained in the Black Powder Troupe Box.  with three sea-ridden characters taking their flexing their pirate skills with Swash, Peggy and Powder Monkey.

Swash - Black Powder

Swash // Black Powder

Swash rocks up with his smug grin and is ready to put his fencing abilities to the test. Once groomed into a life of upper-class snobbery, adopting the name Swash - he ventures out to dedicate to a life of piracy to uphold the legacy of his father.

Peggy - Black Powser

Peggy // Black Powder

No need to be disappointed, yes indeed Peggy herself is rocking a peg-leg. Keen to take the lead of her own ship, as she currently hold her own weight on board. Constantly getting crewmates out of trouble caused by stupidity, she brings forward her swashbuckling sword and pistol into battle.

Powder Monkey - Black Powder

Powder Monkey // Black Powder

Personally, my favourite of releases - Powder Monkey. Equipped with a barrel of bombs and what looks to be an alcohol addiction, this is a face you will not be forgetting. And if you forget his face - you certainly won't be forgetting his shorts. Ready to stir up some drama and get into a scuffle, this lazy monkey can be quite agile when he wants to be!

Be sure to check over on the Goblin King Games website for all of the new releases, including The Arising Expansion Book, Campaign Deck and both Troupe Boxes ready to be purchased today!

What is your favourite release from Moonstone? 

"No need to be disappointed, yes indeed Peggy herself is rocking a peg-leg..."

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