New Navigation Starts Today

February 28, 2014 by warzan

So today saw the deployment of the first of a plethora of improvements and new features we have planned for 2014.

It all starts with navigation.

The new top bar allows us to deep link to all the coolest parts of Beasts of War, and will enable you to jump directly into the games you love. (Which is going to become important over the next weeks)

It's a work in progress so please bear with us as it will change and improve as we fix things and launch new 'stuff' that will live in the menus.

The site may well look a little disjointed in places over the next weeks as we gradually transition things, but it shouldn't effect your browsing experience, which we hope will steadily improve with every iteration we launch from here in.

So give it a play and see what you think and feel very free to post your ideas, impressions or issues below, so if there is anything we haven't spotted we can jump on it.

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