Otherworld’s Skeletons Start Walking Like Egyptians

August 25, 2017 by dracs

Otherworld Miniatures recently unveiled some new skeletal releases for their Dark Tower range, dug up from ancient Egypt.

The backbone (hur hur) takes the form of these skeleton warriors.

Skeleton Egyptians

Skeleton Egyptians Back

While part of me is smiling that they have all resurrected with pharoah headdressed, but no clothes, it does match the retro feel Otherworld are so good at and instantly establishes the cultural look they are going for.

Leading them is a sinister skeletal priest.

Skeleton Priest

Skeleton Priest Back

This guy is a superb evil overlord for these skeletons. You could imagine it enacting some great death spell as you smash your way through its minions.

Would you dare face off against these skeletons?

"They have all resurrected with pharoah headdressed, but no clothes."

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