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Prepare For A New 5th Edition D&D Adventure In Icewind Dale


A new adventure is coming to Dungeons & Dragons in September 2020 with the recently revealed Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. Wizards Of The Coast talked more about it this week and also showed off a few of the extras coming out for roleplayers too.

Check Out BLASTER Volume 1; An Indie Designer Anthology


A selection of the most well-known and well-regarded indie developers within the tabletop industry have got together for a new project called BLASTER.

Avatars Of War March Behind A New Marauder Warlord


We start off today with a new release from the team at Avatars Of War. Here we have their newest addition to the forces of chaos and disorder, the Barbarian Marauder Warlord.

Paint Up Scale75’s Epic New The Revenge; Last Blood


Scale75 has been showing off a brand new masterpiece which is primed for painters and hobbyists alike to have a go at working on.

Venture Into The Wildlands With Dwarven Forge’s Next Kickstarter


Dwarven Forge has been showing off some teasers of their next big Kickstarter campaign.

Shadows In The Mist Quest Coming To Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound


Cubicle 7 announced that there is going to be a new adventure for those diving into Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound coming soon.

Avatar of Taipahn Miniature Painting Tutorial | Raging Heroes

3 weeks ago 7

Today John is going through how to build and paint the Avatar of Taipahn from Raging Heroes.

Diehard Miniatures Talk New Wizards And Their Magics Range!


Diehard Miniatures are going to be returning to Kickstarter soon with a new campaign looking at their Wizards And Their Magics.

Hunt Your Prey & Face Mist-Ghasts In Burrows & Badgers


Oathsworn Miniatures has been showing off some more of the sculpting they've been up to for the world of Burrows & Badgers.

Russian Alternative Preview Their New Hobgoblin Warriors


Russian Alternative has been showing off some work going into their next wave of creations for those who like their dastardly armies.

Clobber Your Foes With Willy Miniatures’ New Orc Team


Willy Miniatures has taken to Kickstarter this week with their campaign to bring a new Orc Team to the tabletop for your Fantasy Football games. 

Community Spotlight: Massive Transports, Classic Trolls & A One-Eyed Wanderer

3 weeks ago 5

We're looking at a titanic piece of terrain, a bellowing troll and a mysterious Norse God in this week's Community Spotlight.

Wargames Atlantic’s Gurkhas, Goblins & Einherjar Coming Soon


Wargames Atlantic have been previewing a whole bunch of different miniatures for various genres and time periods.

Unboxing: Alliance Of The Unicorn | Legends Of Signum

3 weeks ago 7

With their Kickstarter in full swing, Gerry takes some time to look through the miniatures from the Alliance Of The Unicorn Set by Signum Games for Legends Of Signum.

Asgard Rising Hit Up Patreon With Snarling Shieldmaidens


Asgard Rising are on Pateron producing another set of stunning 3D Printable Files for you to use when building your Viking forces for both Fantasy and Historical games.

Printing In Detail Release Stylish 10mm Wood Elves


Printing In Detail has worked on producing a series of 10mm Wood Elves based on 3D printing files from Patreon.

The Lumineth Realm-lords Join Age Of Sigmar This Weekend


Games Workshop might have had a massive Warhammer 40,000 blow out over the weekend but they have also been previewing the Lumineth Realm-lords who are getting their initial army set this week for Age Of Sigmar.

Tabletop World Tease Their Gothic Graveyard Terrain Kickstarter


Tabletop World have been showing off some previews for their upcoming Gothic Graveyard Terrain which will be gracing wargaming tabletops in the near future.

Wild Halflings & Walrus Riders Coming Soon From TTCombat!


I bet you've considered making a Halfling army before right? Well, TTCombat has turned things up to eleven with their teaser of what's coming for their own Fantasy Halfling range soon.

Wargames Atlantic’s Skittering Spiders Get Goblin Riders!


Wargames Atlantic recently previewed their upcoming plastic Giant Spider set which will be useful in both Fantasy and Sci-Fi tabletop wargames.

Legends Of Signum: The Cursed Forest Kickstarter Now Live!

4 weeks ago 5

Signum Games have now launched their Kickstarter for Legends Of Signum: The Cursed Forest

Kromlech’s Official Frostgrave Terrain Now Available


Kromlech has now released their new Official Frostgrave Terrain to go alongside the 2nd Edition of the game which will be available from Osprey Games in August this year. 

New Savage Core & Ziggurat Releases From Lucid Eye This Week


Three new releases are now available from Lucid Eye for those looking to add to the worlds of Ziggurat and Beyond The Savage Core.

Dunkeldorf Kickstarter Now Live At The Prancing Peacock!


The Dunkeldorf Miniatures collection is going to be growing this week as King Games return to Kickstarter with their new Prancing Peacock Fantasy campaign

Community Spotlight: Weird World War, Celtic Armies & 20mm Moderns


This week we're looking at some Weird World War goodness, a massive 15mm Celtic army for Fantasy games and finally a Moderns project in 20mm.

Grab Cubicle 7’s Free Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound Adventure


Dive into Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound with a FREE adventure for you roleplayers from the team at Cubicle 7.

Fantastical New Dwarves Previewed By Antediluvian Miniatures


Antediluvian Miniatures has previewed some new Fantasy Dwarves that are going to be released in the near future based on the concepts by Colin MacNeil (2000AD, Judge Dredd etc).

PWork Wargames Get Back To Roleplaying With 15% Off Sale


PWork Wargames has fired up a new sale for those diving into a bit of roleplaying whilst stuck in isolation or perhaps finally being able to sit around a table together!

Raging Heroes’ Pirates Of The White Sea Now Available


Raging Heroes has now introduced their Pirates Of The White Sea to their webstore as resin miniatures for you to add into your collection.

Battle Across The Realm Of Beasts Mat With Deep-Cut Studio


Deep-Cut Studio has added another new Gaming Mat into the mix for you folks looking to take on the Mortal Realms with your wargaming armies.

Westfalia Take To Kickstarter With Heroic Pride Knights Project


Westfalia Miniatures, alongside Archer Inventive and the sculpting talents of Boris Woloszyn, have taken to Kickstarter with their brand new campaign for the Pride Knights Miniatures.

Durgin Paint Forge Preview More Of Their Elf Archers


Durgin Paint Forge continues to impress with their previews of the new Elf Archers that are coming to their world of Inneath.

Support Renly Baratheon With New A Song Of Ice & Fire Heroes


CMON has released another preview for A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game as they support the other side of the Baratheon family.

Unboxing: Abyssal Dwarf Warband Set | Kings Of War Vanguard

1 month ago 15

We take a look at the new Abyssal Dwarf Warband Set of miniatures for Mantic Games' skirmishing wargame, Kings Of War: Vanguard. 

New Frostgrave Terrain Range: Kromlech | Tabletop Scenics Reveal Trailer


Kromlech has today released their reveal trailer for the stunning new Tabletop Scenics range of Frostgrave terrain which is going to be available for you to buy on June 8th.

MOMminiaturas’ New Beardy Wizard Weaves His Spells


MOMminiaturas has another fantastic Dwarf miniatures for you to consider picking up to be part of your next wargaming project.

Classic Quest Moves Into Final Week On Kickstarter


Classic Quest from El Kraken Released, an old school dungeon delving board game of high adventure, is moving into its final week on Kickstarter. 

Titan Forge’s Bloodfields Kickstarter Unlocks More Stretch Goals


Titan Forge is busting through the stretch goals for their Bloodfields Kickstarter.

CMON’s Upcoming Baratheon Heroes Set Stands With Stannis


The Baratheons have been staking a claim on part of Westeros in CMON's mass battle wargame, A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game for a little while now but everyone could use some additional allies.

New Relicblade: Storms Of Kural Starter Set Comes To Kickstarter


Relicblade is a great Fantasy skirmish miniatures game from Metal King Studio which has long been a favourite of many in the community. The new Kickstarter campaign, Storms Of Kural, brings an updated 2nd Edition Two-Player Battle Set to the tabletop.

Horseymans & The Forsaken Arrive In Privateer’s Riot Quest


Privateer Press has been adding more characters and contraptions into their quirky miniature skirmish game Riot Quest this month.

New North Star Elf Characters Support Oathmark Armies


North Star Military Figures has added a range of new miniatures into the mix for those playing the mass battle wargame, Oathmark: Battles Of A Lost Age by Osprey Games.

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