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Cubicle 7 Introduce The Adventurers In The Age Of Sigmar RPG


Cubicle 7 have been previewing their upcoming roleplaying game set in the world of Age of Sigmar, and have now revealed three of its characters heading out in the name of Sigmar.

Scibor’s Massive Just Knight Swings His Mighty Hammer On Their Webstore


Scibor have released a new large scale miniature on their webstore, a Just Knight who is ready to smite the unworthy.

Pre-Order Your Books For Pathfinder 2nd Edition


It's nearly here, Paizo have announced that the second edition of their popular fantasy roleplaying game Pathfinder will be released on the first of August, this year!

Arr, Thar Be A New Rumbleslam Superstarrrr


TTCombat have some new wrestlers stepping into the Rumbleslam ring, and have revealed a new WiP for an unmissable Superstar. Yar, it be a Dwarrf Blackbeard!

The Nurgle Rotspawn Slimes Over The Blood Bowl Pitch


A new Big Guy is coming out from Forge World for those plague worshipping refs to add to their line-up; the terrifying Rotspawn.

Para Bellum Quicken Force Grown Drones For Conquest Core Set


Para Bellum have introduced us to another of the units that make up Conquest. This time, we find out about the wretched existence of The Spire's Force Grown Drones.

Warlords of Erehwon Unboxing: Orc Warband

2 weeks ago 20

Today Justin and Gerry open the newest Orc Warband for Warlords of Erehwon from Warlords Games.

Terra Mystica Gets A Sea-Worthy Expansion


Fans of the strategic civilization-builder Terra Mystica will be glad to hear that designer James Wolfpacker has announced there will be a new expansion coming to the tabletop in 2019.

Zenit Reveal The Empire Of Katai Coming To Kickstarter For Kensei


Zenit Miniatures are heading to Kickstarter to create a new range of 30mm minis for Kensei, their game based in a fantasy feudal Japan. Now the Empire of Katai are joining the fight. 

Fantasy Flight Tell Of The Crab Clan In Legend Of The Five Rings Sourcebook


Fantasy Flight Games have published a preview of their upcoming sourcebook for the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game, taking us out into the dangers of the Shadowlands.

Quick Look: Warlords of Erehwon By Warlord Games

2 weeks ago 41

Gerry got the chance to dig into the rulebook for Warlord's new fantasy tabletop miniatures game Warlords of Erehwon and couldn't wait to tell us a bit more about this awesome game.

Tails Of Equestria: Judge Not By The Cover Gets Digital Release


River Horse have released a digital version of their role-playing adventure Judge Not By The Cover.

Community Spotlight: Dreadnought Magnetics, Old Trolls & Magical Goatmen


Here we are, back for another week looking into the Forums and Projects to find the best of the best. There's been a lot of work going on this past week, so let's dive right in...

Cover Age of Sigmar’s Mortal Realms In Banduas Buildings And Tokens


Bandua Wargames have released some new pre-painted Imperial style buildings suitable for Age of Sigmar. 

Running A Flint & Feather Narrative Campaign – Part Five


Lee from Crucible Crush talks more about Flint & Feather, delving into the mystical side of the game on the tabletop.

Tabletop Troubadour Build The Fisherman A Storehouse


Tabletop Troubadour give us a glimpse of sculpting process for a new terrain piece currently up for pre-order on their Hagglethorn Hollow Pledge Manager. 

Join the Winter Court In New Legend of The Five Rings RPG Adventure


Fantasy Flight Games have announced a new pre-made adventure for The Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game. Are you prepared for Winter's Embrace? 

Ride To Ruin With Forge World’s Elfhelm, Captain Of Rohan


Forge World has now added another character into the mix for those choosing to play as Rohan in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. Check out Elfhlem, Captain Of Rohan.

The Forest Goblins Rage Across Shieldwolf’s Battlefields


Shieldwolf Miniatures has been on Kickstarter looking for funding to bring a range of multi-part plastic figures to the tabletop.

Ouroboros Revealed Dragyn For Dragon Masters Project


Ouroboros Miniatures revealed another addition to their Dragon Masters project which ended on Kickstarter this week. Here we have the spellcaster known as Dragyn.

Para Bellum Heading Off On American Conquest Road Trip!


Para Bellum Wargames are going to be getting stuck into a proper American Road Trip over the next few weeks.

A Fiery Efreeti Takes Form For Reaper Bones Black This Month


A fiery Female Efreeti is the newest model in the Reaper Miniatures Bones Black range this month. Check out Zuba!

Roll For Sanity With New Elder Dice On Kickstarter


In the darkest corners of the arcane depths, the grimoires of mystery lie hidden. Within them,  the ancient glowing stones, engraved with mystic symbols which have driven so many to madness. These are the Elder Dice.

Take Aim With Para Bellum’s Grizzled Crossbowmen


Para Bellum Wargames has shown off one of the additional unit boxes which will be available for Conquest when the game launches this year.

Roll For Insight: Forging A D&D World


Ben takes a moment to talk about some of the key things he's learned about world building for role-playing games.

Battlefront UK Open Day 2019 – June 29th!


Battlefront has got planning in the pipeline already for the Battlefront UK Open Day which will be held on June 29th. 

Warlords Of Erehwon Unboxing: Skeleton Warriors

3 weeks ago 26

Justin and Gerry climb back into the unboxing set to open up the newest Skeleton Warriors from Warlord Games.

Warploque Design Up More New ArcWorlde Warriors


Warploque Miniatures has been showing off some of the new miniatures that will be arriving as part of ArcWorlde and its new edition.

McCullough Talks Future For Rangers Of Shadow Deep


Joseph A. McCullough has been talking about the future of Rangers Of Shadow Deep, the solo (and cooperative) miniatures game that released towards the end of last year. 

Young Adventurer’s Guides Coming For D&D!


Wizards Of The Coast are joining forces with Jim Zub, Stacy King and Andrew Wheeler to create a set of Young Adventurer's Guides.

USAopoly Announce Kingdom Hearts Board Game


I've been having these weird thoughts lately... Like, is any of this for real... or not? - Sora Kingdom Hearts is making it's way to the tabletop! Take on the persona of your favourite character and join Sora, Kairi, Riku, King […]

Spellcrow’s Spooky Tower Terrain & Accessories


To you need a little more magic for your miniatures? Spellcrow have conjured up some new terrain items to keep gamers spellbound!

Survive The Norse Winter In Winterborne


In Winterborne, players become the founders of their own mighty clan. Their goal is to lead their people wisely and prepare them to survive the cruel Norse winter.

Let’s Play: One Punch Man

3 weeks ago 10

Justin is joined by Ryan and Coco to play through a game of One Punch Man from Yoka by Tsume.

Greebo Games Bear All In New Fantasy Football Reveal!


Greebo Games have released teaser images of their latest fantasy football team for those who love their minis with a side dose of cuteness overload, and they're un-bear-ably adorable.

Raging Heroes Announce New Lust Elves Spider Mother


Lust Elves - beautiful sirens of unimaginable power and dangerous lusts, only the bravest would ever try and love them.

Community Spotlight: Titans, Zarbag’s Gitz & Animal Heroes


We're delving back into some of your neat looking painting and hobbying from the forums and projects!

Delve Into A Dark Fantasy World With Arkhane Asylum’s GODS


Arkhane Asylum Publishing is on Kickstarter right now looking for funding to bring GODS to life.

Fight Them On The Beaches With PWork’s New Overlord Mat


If you're looking to fight it out on the beaches and push an invasion force inland then you're going to need a good beach mat.

Puppets War Release Wild Cossack Heads


Puppets War has released some new heads which would be pretty awesome for those looking to create cunning and deadly fighters.

Made To Order Classic Skaven Coming This Weekend


Some classic Skaven Characters are coming back to the tabletop thanks to Games Workshop and their Made To Order range.

Retro Recall: Mordheim

3 weeks ago 23

Mordheim saw you take control of a party of adventurers and set out into the ruined remains of Mordheim, the titular city of the damned.

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