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Frostgrave Female Barbarians Lined Up For September 2022


North Star Military Figures are going to be expanding their Frostgrave plastic miniatures collection with some new 28mm Female Barbarians in September. Folks got another good look at the miniatures recently including some painted figures. 

Warp Conjure Up The Beasts Of The British Isles On Patreon


The theme for August and September from Warp Miniatures is going to be moving into the realm of mysticism and folklore. The Beasts Of The British Isles are front and centre over the next two months with 3D Printable 32mm monsters, ghouls and other strange creatures arriving on your home printer.

Settle Around The World With Unique STL Hobbit Holes


Hobbit Holes from Key Capas have returned with their third instalment of 3D Printed STL Files, bringing different structures inspired from around the world.

Let’s Play: Pathfinder – Level 20 | Gale Force Nine

2 weeks ago 0

Join us for a Let's Play of Pathfinder: Level 20 where they are playing as pesky Kobolds who are trying to avoid dastardly Fighters that are looking to get to Level 20! A fun new board game from Gale Force Nine and Paizo. 

Dip Your Toe Into Mantic’s Armada With The New Taster Set


Mantic Games are offering up a limited edition set for Armada that allows you to give this naval wargame a go without diving all the way in. A new Taster Set is up for pre-order ahead of a release at the end of August.

Oathsworn Miniatures Sculpt More Mice For Burrows & Badgers!


Oathsworn Miniatures has been showing off more previews of upcoming Burrows & Badgers miniatures. The focus this time is on some more mice (I do like their mice) who can be used to make some fun new warbands in the future. 

Orgoth & Cygnar Core Army Starters Revealed For Warmachine MKIV


Privateer Press has been showing off more of the miniatures that you'll be able to pick up once Warmachine MKIV launches later this year in October. Leading the way are going to be the Orgoth and Cygnar with Core Army Starters. 

New Special Inari’s Judgement Themed Warband For Bushido!


If you are a fan of Kitsune in Japanese mythology then you might want to check out the brand new themed warband from GCT Studios coming to Bushido during the Gen Con period 4th-7th August. See what you make of Inari's Judgement. 

Nine New Land Of The Fairy STL Building Files On Kickstarter


Stocking up the village with some new waypoints, the campaign brings two new Fairy Houses, Bell Tower, Watch Tower, Windmill and Altar for as little as £5!

5E Compatible Dark Fable & Fairy Tale Creatures In Twilight Fables


With content bursting at the seams, stripping the whimsy back to classic in a dark, dangerous and mysterious creatures lurk amongst the pages of Twilight Fables.

Fight For Fame & Control At Sea In Leder Games’ Ahoy!


Taking 2-4 players out to the high seas for a swashbuckling siege of smuggling booty, as soldiers asymmetrically sailing for fame and control, in Ahoy!

Free League Adventure Into Middle-Earth’s Ruins Of The Lost Realm!


If you have made your way through the adventures past the core and starter set, you'd be interested in the new supplement incoming this October. 

Save The Lost Children Of Neverland In Matagot’s Peter Pan


Matagot has another fun swashbuckling adventure for you to dive into with their upcoming board game, Peter Pan. Designer Marc Paquien is going to have you diving in and trying to save the Lost Children of Neverland. 

Prove Yourself Not Guilty! In Kolossal Games’ Almost Innocent


Philippe Attali's new Kolossal Games/Matagot Games release for next year is going to be the cunningly cooperative deduction game where you're going to be trying to prove that you didn't do it! See what you make of these early previews for Almost Innocent.

Martin Wallace Brings New Wargame Bloodstones To Gamefound


Famed board game designer Martin Wallace is now on Gamefound with a new wargame for you to dive into! Bloodstones is a new board game where up to four players will fight for control of the Fantasy world of Fal.

Scourges Of The Wastes Come To FFG’s Journeys In Middle-Earth


The Lord Of The Rings: Journeys In Middle-earth from Fantasy Flight Games is getting itself another Figure Pack expansion with Scourges Of The Wastes lined up for later this year in Autumn. Alongside the new miniatures, you'll also find a new campaign, Poison Promise for this awesome board game.

Ride Dinos With Dodos In Kart-Racing Kickstarter


The mad and wonderful game of Dodos Riding Dinos is getting a reprint! Returning with their dexterity racing game filled with fun and new features.

Yakazar, Sharkman Champion RPG Miniature Painting Tutorial | Raging Heroes

3 weeks ago 3

John shows how to paint the Yakazar, Sharkman Champion RPG miniature from Raging Heroes. This is one of their awesome Heroes Infinite 3D Printable miniatures from the month of July! 

New Minis! Visit The Streets Of Dunkeldorf On Kickstarter Soon


King Games have announced that they are going to be coming to Kickstarter soon with their newest Dunkeldorf Miniatures campaign. You will be able to visit The Streets of Dunkeldorf soon!

Bring Forth The Old Dominion’s Dark Cenotaph For Conquest


Para Bellum Wargames has offered up a new miniature for those playing as the Old Dominion in your games of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings. See what you make of the Dark Cenotaph.

Sally 4th Release New Legends Of Robin Hood 28mm Miniatures


I really do like Robin Hood and his Legends. I think it comes from my love of archery and anyone who shoots a badass bow and arrow. It also helps that I probably watched a lot of the Robin Of Sherwood AND Maid Marien And Her Merry Men. So, it was awesome to see that Sally 4th has released a range of miniatures!

BIG Warmachine News: A New Edition Is Coming – MKIV!


Privateer Press has dropped a BIG bit of news recently. Warmachine is getting a brand new edition, MKIV, and that means a big new approach to the game, the miniatures and more. There is a lot to dive into here so stay with me!

Pokemon-Like Creatures For RPGS In Battlezoo Eldamon!


Paizo Publishing's answer to befriending, training and battling alongside a fantasy creature during your journeys, brining 160 different Eldamon!

Return To Dark Tower…Returns! Covenant Expansion On Backerkit


Return To Dark Tower from Restoration Games has...returned! It is now on Backerkit with a new campaign that is funding a second printing of the game AND the new Covenant expansion which adds more to your tabletop adventures with this Fantasy board game.

Corvus Belli Unboxing First Look Copy Of Warcrow Adventures!


Hoopoe of Corvus Belli is back with another Whispers Of Lindwurm video. This one is a little different though as instead of diving into the background and lore of Corvus Belli's new Fantasy world, they are doing an unboxing of the demo copy of Warcrow Adventures.

Black Crab Necropolis Mercenaries Shuffle Onto Kickstarter


Meridian Miniatures' Andrew May is back on Kickstarter with more Black Crab Miniatures. This time around, they are bringing to life the Necropolis Mercenaries dredged from the creative mind of Moritz. That means awesome grimdark Fantasy miniatures in 28mm heroic proportions.

Venture Into The Frost In HeroQuest Frozen Horror Expansion


Taking players into the damn-right freezing, they will be headed off into ten new petrifying quests, whilst meeting some new monsters along the way.

New Lannister & Golden Company Minis For A Song Of Ice & Fire


CMON has been previewing some of the brand new A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game models landing soon for both the Lannisters and The Golden Company. See what you make of these neat new 32mm Fantasy miniatures.

Fantasy Video Game Elden Ring Gets New Tabletop RPG Next Year


The epic Fantasy video game Elden Ring is going to be getting itself a brand new tabletop RPG next year. Alas, there is somewhat of a snag here in that it's only going to be available in least for now.

New Star Players Grace Amazonian Blood Bowl Teams Soon


Two Star Players have now been revealed by Games Workshop for the new Blood Bowl Amazonians that are coming soon. First up, we have the latest of their previews and FINALLY, we're getting ALL the frogs! I missed these in the core team sculpts!

Cubicle 7 Announce Vault 5e & Uncharted Journeys For RPGs!


Cubicle 7 last week announced their new endeavour, Vault 5e. This upcoming series of releases has been designed to provide a bunch of new worlds and rules that work alongside the familiar ruleset of Dungeons & Dragons. This also meant a new book, Uncharted Journeys!

Legend Of The Five Rings Sourcebooks Comes To 5E!


Legend of the Five Rings the TTRPG is getting a bit of a revive, and heading over to the well-known ruleset of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.

Peek At Pesky Avatars Of War Multi-Part Goblins On Patreon


Avatars Of War have been showing off some impressive new Goblin miniatures over on Patreon this month. The focus moves to some 3D Printable components for making multi-part Goblin Warriors for use on the tabletop.

Horizons Of Spirit Island Gives You An Intro To An Epic Board Game


Greater Than Games have announced a new introductory option for those tempted by Spirit Island. Horizons Of Spirit Island provides you with a slimmed-down version of the very well-regarded board game for those who want an "easy in". 

New Chaos Legionnaires Clash In Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Warcry


Games Workshop has been showing off even more for Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Warcry over the last week or so. As well as a new set coming up for pre-order this weekend, we also got a look at the new Chaos Legionnaires. 

Have You Picked Up The PWorks Official Frostgrave Mat Yet?


PWork Wargames are proud to announce that their Frostgrave Gaming Mat is once more the official choice for those diving into Osprey Games' ace Fantasy skirmish game. 

900+ Thematic Scenery & Bases STLs On Kickstarter!


Realm of Dreams miniatures is up on Kickstarter with their Bases and Scenery, containing a stack of 900 files for as little as £12! 

The Lore Of Conquest – Old And New Faiths | Para Bellum Spotlight Companion


More from The Lore Of Conquest. This time, we're exploring The Old Faith and New Faiths as we learn how the religion of the Old Dominion gave rise to the practices of the Hundred Kingdoms.

Dive Into Plaid Hat’s Mousey New Board Game, Hickory Dickory!


Plaid Hat Games are really embracing their love of little anthropomorphic heroes with a new board game coming later this year, Hickory Dickory! 

Snap Up New Dungeons & Lasers Mine Props & City Terrain


Archon Studio has been showing off a couple of new terrain sets for their Dungeons & Lasers collection. The focus is on some new Fantasy kits this week with new Props and City Tiles for your Pathfinder games as well.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Film Gets First Trailer


Could this new film, Honor Among Thieves, reverse the fortunes of D&D on the silver screen?

Malifaux Goes Medieval As 2022 Nightmare Editions Announced!


We're taking to the walls of a stronghold atop a roaring steed, wielding axe and bow in the upcoming limited edition boxes. 

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