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Bet & Suspiciously Bluff In The European Courts With Regine


Do you have a particularly stabby gaming group? Regine from Devir Games is sending players to the 16th Century.

Reaper Preview Mighty New Heroes Ahead Of ReaperCon 2022


Reaper Miniatures has been working with artist Max Dunbar and sculptors like Gene Van Horne, Jason Wiebe, Bobby Jackson to bring to life some awesome Fantasy miniatures for ReaperCon 2022.

Ares Games Release Rules For War Of The Ring: The Card Game


Ares Games has made the rulebook for War Of The Ring: The Card Game available for download ahead of the game's releases later this year.

Free League’s Dragonbane RPG Kickstarter Launching 30th August!


Free League Publishing's new Kickstarter for the hit Swedish Fantasy roleplaying game, Drakar och Demoner is going to be launching on 30th August. Next week can't come soon enough for this roleplaying game that is also going to be getting its first release in English as Dragonbane!

Bring Elric To The Tabletop With Rise Of The Young Kingdoms


Le Départment are going to be returning to crowdfunding soon with their board game based on the world of Elric Of Melnibone. Elric: Rise Of The Young Kingdom is going to be offering up a chance to dive into the legends of this well-loved Fantasy character.

Steamforged Reveal New Core Sets For Dark Souls: The Board Game


Steamforged Games has announced that this November, they are releasing two new revised Core Sets for Dark Souls: The Board Game. Each of them will be standalone but will be compatible with existing Dark Souls: The Board Game material.

Explore Greywater Fastness Soon In Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound


Some brand new artwork dropped from Cubicle 7 over the last few days showcasing the landscapes we're going to be exploring soon in Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound. Greywater Fastness awaits in the new Blackened Earth sourcebook.

Grimm Characters, Story & Lore With The Hunt In 5E!


Mythologic Arts Studio have headed over to Kickstarter debuting their Grimm Hunters range.

Community Spotlight: Alpha Legion, Ankh Gods & War Of The Ring High Elves!


In this week's Community Spotlight, we take a peek at some sneaky Alpha Legion, some mighty Ankh Gods and also some War Of The Ring High Elves.

Play Card Games? Try Out The New Deep-Cut Studio Mat Designs!


Deep-Cut Studio has put together a new collection of gaming mats that have been designed for use with your card games. Whether you're playing some Netrunner and Project Nisei or exploring a Pulp Horror adventure in Arkham, these should fit the bill.

Explore The Red Oak & Estun Warcradle Scenics Range Soon


Warcradle Studios are also going to be releasing a bunch of their previously bundled terrain during the month of September. We've looked at the Red Oak and Estun Village range previously here OnTableTop but you'll now be able to buy the various kits separately.

Terratiles Launch New Chunky Fantasy Terrain Tiles On Gamefound


Bringing a series of mighty chunky 9", double-sided terrain tiles to the tabletop. Spread across water, sand, track and cavern. 

Content Creator Interview: PanzerKaput


In this next addition to our Content Creator Interview series, we chat with PanzerKaput about their work on a range of Historical wargames and more!

28 Mag Showcase Their First Grimdark Fantasy Miniature


The folks at 28 Mag have joined forces with Andrew May of Black Crab Miniatures/Meridian Miniatures in order to create their first 28mm grimdark Fantasy miniature. See what you think!

Magic Explores Middle-earth, Warhammer 40K & Doctor Who


Wizards Of The Coast and the Magic: The Gathering crew talked more about what's coming to the Universes Beyond range over the next year or so. They are going to be visiting Middle-earth, the grimdark future of Warhammer 40,000 (as we know) and also the universe of Doctor Who.

Pathfinder Returns To Humble Bundle! The Strength Of Thousands


Making a return with Pathfinder, players are introduced to The Strength of Thousands in the newest bundle to explore a new and magical campaign.

Unboxing: Umbra Turris Giant Spider | Spellcrow

1 month ago 2

Gerry is back for another Spellcrow Unboxing as we take a look at the 28mm Giant Spiders for use in their Fantasy wargame, Umbra Turris and beyond. 

OTT Community Picks: Top 3 Best Solo Tabletop Games

1 month ago 11

Free asked the community what their favourite solo tabletop experiences were. So, we have picked three to dive into here covering Fantasy, Sci-Fi and the Post-Apocalypse. What are your top solo gaming picks?

Pre-Order New Fireheart & Barbarian Miniatures For Frostgrave!


North Star Military Figures and Osprey Games have joined forces once again to provide folks with an awesome range of new 28mm metal and plastic miniatures for use with Frostgrave. This time they are focused on Barbarians and the new Fireheart supplement!

Raise An Undead Animal Army In The Necrohamster


The Necrohamster from Jackdaw Co Games is live on Kickstarter bringing a card game of undead critters, rising from the grave headed by hamsters reaching through the veil. 

The Lore Of Conquest – The Sovereign Of Interference | Para Bellum Spotlight Companion


Once more, Gerry is diving into the lore and background of the 35mm Fantasy wargame Conquest with Para Bellum Wargames. This time, we learn about the Sovereign Of Interference.

Grab Free Core Rules For Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Warcry!


Games Workshop in another "what is going on?" style move has now released the Core Rules for Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Warcry for free. There is a PDF download that spans to twenty-six pages and gives you a good entry point into this neat skirmish game from The Mortal Realms.

What’s Inside The New Warmachine MKIV Khador Core Army Box?


Privateer Press gave us a sneak look at what's coming for Warmachine MKIV and Khador over the next few months this week. Well, we've now got a look at all of the miniatures coming in the new Winter Korps Core Army Box that they have lined up.

The World Of Dragonlance Comes To D&D 5th Edition!


The world and stories of Dragonlance are going to finally be making their way to the tabletop with an official supplement for Dungeons & Dragons from Wizards Of The Coast. Dragonlance: Shadow Of The Dragon Queen is coming in December 2022.

Wizards Lay Out The Future Of D&D With One D&D Playtesting


Wizards Of The Coast yesterday dropped the big new roadmap for what's coming to Dungeons & Dragons over the next few years. 2024 will signal the release of new core books for D&D but they were quick to say that this isn't a new edition in the traditional sense.

The Positive Venture Society – An Anthropomorphic RPG For All Ages


Forming the Venture Society, players will be focusing on harmony around the world. As a fresh recruit, it's time to enrol and make a difference.

Everdell Goes Digital On Steam & Mobile Devices


Are you keen on getting a bit of digital practice in for Everdell? Developed by Dire Wolf players can now witness the change of seasons on-screen.  

Fancy A $350 D&D Dragon? Check Out WizKids’ Towering Balagos


Remember the mighty Balagos, Ancient Red Dragon that we talked about back in February? Well, this miniature (megature?) is available for you to snap up now from the folks at WizKids for use in your D&D games and beyond.

New Gamemaster: Character Paint Set From The Army Painter!


The Army Painter crew has been putting together some new kits for folks to dive into, especially if they are into their roleplaying games. One of these is the new Gamemaster: Character Paint Set that is available to pre-order now ahead of a November release.

Community Spotlight: Star Wars Droids, The Barons’ War & The Democracy!

2 months ago 3

We dive into some Star Wars: Legion, a look at more epic The Barons' War miniature and also the Rise Of The Democracy!

Add Jeff Goldblum & The Dark Dice Crew To Your Party With Strata!


Strata Miniatures, the creators of the awesome Dungeons & Diversity (see John's Painting Tutorial!) line of D&D roleplaying miniatures are coming back to Kickstarter soon with a brand new campaign. They are going to be working on Dark Dice - The Miniatures Range. And yes, that is Jeff Goldblum's character, Balmur! 

Sarissa Precision Let You Roll In Style With New Dice Towers


Previews are out for the upcoming Sarissa Precision Kickstarter campaign! They are going to be producing a new set of Full Colour Dice Towers that match all manner of different genres of tabletop games. 

Privateer Press Showcase Ace New Khador Minis For Warmachine!


Privateer Press has been showcasing more of the upcoming Warmachine miniatures that will be popping up for the new edition, MKIV. This time around, we got a look at some absolutely stonkingly good Khador miniatures!

Arcane Tinmen’s Halloween 2022 Dragon Shield Accessories!


This year's official Dragon Shield 2022 Halloween-themed playmat hits more of a sinister note. 

Build Britain’s Rural Abodes With Printable Scenery’s Country & King


More 3D Printing awesomeness awaits from Printable Scenery over on Kickstarter right now. They are in the midst of their campaign to bring a whole host of new STL Files to your home printers with Country & King.

Brotherwise Bringing Stormlight Archive Miniatures To Life Soon!


Brotherwise Games has announced that they are going to be working with Dragonsteel to bring the characters from Brandon Sanderson's The Stormlight Archives to the tabletop with a new series of 32mm miniatures. 

Games Workshop Reveal The Next Two Warhammer+ Miniatures


With the first year of Warhammer+ coming to a close later this month, Games Workshop has been showing off the new Year Two miniatures that you'll be able to get your hands on if you subscribe to the service that features Warhammer TV and Warhammer Vault.

Book Heroes & Magical Battles Come To Warhammer Age Of Sigmar


Games Workshop has been delving back into The Mortal Realms over the last few days announcing a range of pre-orders coming up for Warhammer Age Of Sigmar this weekend. We start with some book-based heroes as Black Library announces new books and miniatures to go alongside them.

North Star Preview The Next Wave Of The Silver Bayonet Minis!


The Silver Bayonet will soon be welcoming a new wave of miniatures, opening up the options for those that want to throw more unique miniatures into your warbands. See what North Star Military Figures has been working on.

Pre-Order Wave 2 Of Steamforged’s Dark Souls Miniatures


Steamforged Games has put together the next wave of releases for those wanting to snap up Dark Souls RPG miniatures. Wave 2 introduces some powerful new foes for you to face and more. 

Bring Forth The Old Dominion’s Profane Reliquary For Conquest


Para Bellum Wargames has been showing off more of their upcoming The Old Dominion miniatures for Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings. One of those revealed this week is the Profane Reliquary. 

Frostgrave: Fireheart – First Impressions | Osprey Games


If you're an Enchanter or just love the idea of Constructs in your games of Frostgrave, make sure to dive in and find out more about Fireheart, the latest expansion for Osprey Games' Fantasy skirmish wargame.

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